Mommy Makeover

Being a mother brings lots of big changes. Most of them are wonderful but some of them are not the ones you were hoping for. The changes that occur are not just in your schedule and activities but face you whenever you look in the mirror. Mommy "make over" starts with getting in shape. Diet and exercise can get you going again, but there are things that we can do that will help.

Trouble spots after pregnancy are usually localized to tummy, breasts and areas of persistent fat. Big babies stretch tummies and leave muscles lax and separated. Tummy tuck can help. Extra skin and fat are removed, muscles are reapproximated as the separation or diastasis rectus is repaired. The usual tummy tuck scars are low on the abdomen and are designed to be hidden by your clothing, at the bikini line or depending upon your choice beneath underwear or a thong. There is often a scar at the belly button that is hidden in the depression of the umbilicus. The scars are at first red then turn pink then become an ivory color. We ask that you avoid tanning the scars as they will turn brown and stay brown for a long time if tanned.

Localized fat may be treated with liposuction. This works well in areas that have a localized area of fat and overlying skin that is tight and can take up the slack. If loose skin is involved then traditional excision techniques is needed. Obesity is not well treated with liposuction. Liposuction works much better for persistent areas of fat that remain after you have reached your ideal weight with diet and exercise.

Breast enhancement may include a number of changes designed to make the breast more attractive. Breast lift or Mastopexy lifts and reshapes the breast but does not change the size, although the apparent size is a bit different as the droop is reduced. If you wish to be larger as well as lifted a breast augmentation is done with the lift.

Round implants are often used when the implant placement is beneath the muscle, so that if the implant turns beneath the muscle the rotation is not easily detected. Round implants produce fullness in the upper quadrants of the breast that is very desirable to some and not to others.

If the drooping is not the major problem, and size is the major factor, augmentation can help. The silicone gel implants are now available to patients with an interest in these implants who are older than age 22 and meet a few other criteria. The gel implants are more expensive and require a more elaborate and expensive follow up than the saline implant, but offer fewer wrinkles and a better feel to the touch.

Think about the shape that you like the best and we will try to work toward that shape. It is helpful to try on various sizes of implants to get a good idea of the proper size. Women are very perceptive about the right size and are the best judge of which implant to use. It is helpful to have an under wired bra with adjustable straps that is the size you would like to be with you when you come for your consultation. Try to pick a bra that is made of fabric that is not very stretchy. Wear clothing that is a solid color and fairly form fitting so that you can judge the effect without distracting colors, patterns, or ruffles. This will allow you to see how various sized implants will appear in the bra in your clothing.

These operations are frequently performed here at the Plastic Surgery Center in our AAAASF approved facility. You may read more about this under articles about the Care Team Approach and Asheville Plastic Surgery Center.

Consultations take about an hour. We will listen to your problems and concerns, take photos, examine you, draw pictures for you and perhaps on you, take photos of the drawings and then discuss various possible options to produce the changes that interest you. Potential complications are discussed. At the end of the consultation you should have the information you need to make a good decision.

Surgery may be scheduled after your consultation. A $500 scheduling fee is due at the time of scheduling and the remainder of the fee is due two weeks before the operation. If you have a specific time in mind for your operation we will be glad to work with you to try fitting your schedule with ours.

If you are interested in financing for this surgery, we have two companies that we work with. One is Care Credit and you can find a link to them on our website at the contact us page and click on care credit at the financing line. The other is SurgeryLoans.

Recuperation after surgery involves a three week wait before resuming aerobic exercise. Expect to stay quiet and keep ice on the breasts and abdomen for the first 48 hours. Additional information and photos are available at our website:

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